Biological dental medicine

Biological dental medicin

Biological dental medicine has become to an important issue to us. We complete or even replace the orthodox dental medizin with a complementary biological approach. I am following a scientiffic and evidence-based program. Further training is focused intensively on biological dental medicin. 

David Siegenthaler

  • We recommend a secure replacement of amalgam fillings and flush these toxid substances (mercury) out of the body. Toxic heavy metals often are a player in chronic general disease such as suppressed immunosystem, harmed central nervous system or kidney disease! (in cooperation with the Chemist's shop zum Chrüterhüsli AG). Dietary supplements such as the freshwater algae Chlorella, wild garlic, L-Methionin and the Swiss dolomite powder with herbs Corialith are therefore implemented.
  • We have a metal-free solution for all types of reconstructions: Implants (ZrO2) Full-ceramic crowns and bridges, carbon-fibre posts, composites and other non-metallic materials are included as standards.
  • Antibiotics are used in a very restrictive way. Our lofty goal is to strengthen the own immune system and to treat in manual excellence.
  • Instead of usual painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs more and more natural plant-based products are taken into consideration.
  • We have the opportunity to use a well natured composit filling material without the monomers HEMA and TEGDMA.
  • Dental care products are supplemented with free of fluorides ones.