Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Aesthetics is science, the theory about beauty, the view on nice style, the beauty and the sense of beauty (Duden)
  • Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that explores the nature of art, beauty and taste with the creation and appreciation of beauty (Wikipedia).
  • Aesthetics does move our minds when looking at something.

We focus on the longing of patients for beauty that makes them happy and attractive again. When a patient gives us the feedback that people appreciate her or his good-looking and general attractivity, we believe, that we have made our job successfully. When a patients tells us that people around her or him are much affected just because of the very white teeth, we might have missed the crucial objective.

Among other things we fix teeth with very delicate ceramic-veneers and do bleaching with a very efficient power-bleaching technique in the practice ZOOM or at home by the use of a carrier splint for a period of several days.